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 Eric Frogton

2 Eric Frogton.jpeg

Number: 2

Soul Connection: Layla

Peace Power: Frogson SG

Group: Cream

Eric is one of the greatest guitarists in the Frogiverse and 

known as the frog with the "slow hand". Eric initially played in the band "The Yardfrogz", but now plays in the psychedelic rock band Cream. Eric has a unique opportunity to join a supercool epic rock band with some talented frogz known as "Derek and the Froginos". This band will give him an opportunity to branch out with his solos because there are 5 other members that can keep up the groove, as opposed to the trio that is Cream. Cream is 

trippy and fun for sure, a rock powerhouse trio that has already made legendary material. But? Derek and the Froginos gives Eric a new opportunity to grow, write different kinds of songs, and to expand his guitar playing. 

What should Eric do? You decide.....

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