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Stella Blue

9 stella blue.jpeg

Number: 9

Soul Connection: Jerry

Peace Power: Tears

Group: None

Stella Blue is the infamous poet and the muse of Jerry from The Dead. She often cries tears of joy and tears of sadness when she writes her beautiful poetry and lyrics. Jerry loves her poetry so much, he actually uses some of it in his song lyrics, with Stella's permission of course. Stella got a poetry publishing deal and some royalties from The Dead's music that Jerry was more than happy to pay for such surrealistic song lyrics of the most epic beauty known to frog kind. Stella suddenly found herself with a mountain of cash and she had a couple ideas of what to do with it. Idea 1 was to use that cash to open up a hotel where musicians, movie stars, and vagabonds would want to go to have an artsy experience with character. She even had a place in mind, the old hotel on the corner called "Hotel California". Idea 2 was to use that dough to travel to Europe, which was a lifelong dream of Stella's. Either way, Stella would get tons of interesting life experience and inspiration for her poetry. What should Stella do with all that dough? 


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