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10 jerry.jpeg

Number: 10

Soul Connection: Stella Blue

Peace Power: Bears

Group: The Dead

Jerry is the amazing leader, front frog, and awesome guitarist of the psychedelic band nicknamed "The Dead". The Dead were scheduled to play the infamous Frogamont Speedway Music Festival where The Stones would be the headliner. When Jerry and The Dead arrived in their private helicopter, they were met with some disturbing news. There was some bad brown tabs floating around and people were acting crazy. Pair that with the fact that the Frogz Angels weren't exactly trained in conflict resolution, meant that Frogamont was a festival of chaos, violence, and destruction. Perhaps it wasn't Mick's best idea ever to hire the Frogz Angels as festival security. A thought crossed Jerry's mind. If The Dead played... It might appease the crowd a bit. Mostly because their music is so chill and trippy, it might turn the frogz bad trips around. Another thought crossed Jerry's mind, and that other thought was to get the f*ck outta Dodge, and wash their hands of the mess that the Stones created at Frogamont. What should Jerry and The Dead do? 

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