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Lady Jane

5 lady jane.jpeg

Number: 5

Soul Connection: Keith

Peace Power: Ace of Spades

Group: None

Lady Jane is the kickass blackjack dealer that works at the Frogzwoods Casino. Mick and Keith always come by her tables and chat up a storm. On this occasion, Lady Jane got off her shift and joined Mick and Keith at the neighboring casino across the street, "Mohegan Frog". They were all having a blast, drinking "High Balls" and winning.....winning BIG... Mick and Keith went all in, lost and wanted to leave to go party in the limo. Lady Jane said to Mick and Keith "Hold on and let me play this hand". Lady Jane was looking at an 8 of hearts and a 4 of diamonds, the dealer had a 4 of hearts showing. What should Lady Jane do? 


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