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1 Layla.jpeg

Number: 1

Soul Connection: Eric Frogton

Peace Power: Yellow

Group: None

Layla is the super famous model and photographer who is also Eric Frogton's muse. She's currently George Froggison's GF, but has a romantic chemistry with Eric that's undeniable. Does Layla break it off with George to 

explore this new spark with Eric? Or... Well? George IS an 

an actual "Froggle" after all. And he's sweet and all. But? He wants to take some trips alone to the east to explore his spirituality and Layla's not sure if she wants to be with someone that's always taking trips by himself and with the other Froggles to meet up with gurus all the time. Why is she never invited? Maybe she wants to go on spiritual journeys too! Eric has already included her in his travel plans AND writes way more songs about her anyways..... Decisions decisions decisions....... 

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