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     Travel to 2022

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Peacefrogz are from the 60s. They've come by way of their time machine, "The Lilypad" to help the frogz of the future get their groove back. Dr. Skyfrog (the inventor of "The Lilypad") appeared via a hologram from the future and informed The Peacefrogz that he had gotten spaghettified and the frogz of the future had gotten pretty lame.


The Peacefrogz of the 60's were instructed by Skyfrog to travel to other decades like the 70's, 80's, and 90's to pick up some friends to get the 999 frogz needed to complete this mission. The mission was simple... This team of music stars, movie stars, and heroes needed to travel to 2022 to teach the frogz how to be cool again. The Peacefrogz thought they were travelling to 2022 in their dimension called "The Frogiverse". Except they hit a time rift and landed in the human dimension. It was then that Dr. Skyfrog again appeared via hologram and said that humans were a parallel dimension version of the frogz and that now the mission was to teach US how to be cool again. By teaching us their groovy ways, humanity did indeed get cool again. Then the Peacefrogz returned to their time and dimension, and ran a second mission to The Frogiverse in 2022. To be continued....

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