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Play Frogamont

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Jerry and the Dead arrived by chopper to the Frogamont Speedway. They were told by the drummer of the group Frogtana "Look frogz, there's some heavy sh*t going down with the Frogz Angels and the crowd took some bad sh*t, it's pretty crazy out there." Jerry said to the members of The Dead, "Look frogz, I think we should play our set and try to set the Angels and the crowd at ease, what do you all think?" The Dead always took Jerry's lead, for the most part. When The Dead hit the stage and started to play the beautiful song "Stella Blue", the crowd and the Angels stopped their violence and slowly started swaying back and forth. A few of the Frogz Angels even had to brush away some tears. Everybody apologised, hugged it out, and accidentally spilled beer over one another as they listened intently to the sweet song. 

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