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Jimi hit the Frogerey Pop stage with a small can of lighter fluid and a book of matches in his back pocket. The Experience played the most epic set ever and the crowd loved it, but they were still thinking about the Who's explosive and memorable set for sure. Jimi was very competitive, and he thought to himself "This crowd will forget about Pete and The Who all together once I pull off this stunt." When The Experience were jamming at the end of their cover of The Froggs classic "Wild Thing". Jimi thought "Now's the time". He told The Experience to "keep jamming" and the audience to "watch this" as he laid his Frogocaster on the ground. It was feedbacking like crazy as Jimi squirted the lighter fluid on top. He then lit the match and the guitar went up in flames as he straddled it. Like a mad sorcerer, Jimi summoned the flames with his hands as the crowd gazed, mouths agape, at the fiery spectacle that was Jimi at the Frogerey Pop Festival. This event would go down as the most epic moment in Frog & Roll history and Jimi's name would be echoed as legendary greatness for all eternity. 

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