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Little Shock

7 electric lady.jpeg

As Electric Lady got her hands ready to give Jimi a little shock, a stagehand came around the corner holding a giant cooler of frosty Frogweiser beers. They were nice and cold because the cooler had that perfect mix of ice cold water and half melted ice cubes. It was then that the klutzy stagehand tripped like a doofus over a guitar cable on the ground. The water went everywhere

around Jimi and Electric Lady's feet. The electricity 

seemed to jump from Electric Lady's hands and into Jimi's body instantly. Jimi kind of jumped up a little and said "Yeeeeeah! That was nice little jolt! I feel ready to take on the world! Let's Frog & Roll!". He thanked Electric Lady, kissed her on the cheek, and thanked her for that little pick me up. He then grabbed his Frogocaster and hit the Frogerey Pop stage. The Experience was on FIRE that night and Jimi made Frog & Roll history by setting his guitar ablaze.

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