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Jimi hit the Frogerey Pop stage with 4 quarter sticks of dynamite tied together and a book of matches in his back pocket. The Experience played the most epic set ever and the crowd loved it, but they were still thinking about the Who's explosive and memorable set for sure. Jimi was very competitive, and he thought to himself "This crowd will forget about Pete and The Who all together once I pull off this stunt." When The Experience were jamming at the end of their cover of The Froggs classic "Wild Thing". Jimi thought "Now's the time". He told The Experience to leave the stage and the audience to "back up" as he laid his Frogocaster on the ground. It was feedbacking like crazy as Jimi laid the 4 quarter sticks on top. He then lit the fuse and ran full speed into the back of the audience. A few seconds later "KABOOM!" as the guitar, the drums, the bass, the amps, and most of the rest of the stage itself literally exploded into millions of tiny pieces. Thankfully the crowd listened to Jimi and everybody either ran out, or crammed to the back when they saw Jimi setting up the explosives. Thank Frog nobody got hurt except for some minor and temporary hearing loss. One frog even yelled "What the fu*k bro! That really sucked and my ears are ringing like crazy!" The frogz were none too pleased. Jimi accepted his fate as the frogz in blue showed up to take him away and lock him up overnight. Officer Froggison, who was a giant fan, famously stated "Jimi, ya know I love ya. But your gonna have to go downtown and answer for this. What were ya thinkin'?" Jimi replied "No problems Officer and thanks for being a fan, yeah I messed up and underestimated what a whole stick of dynamite could do." Jimi waited for his court hearing with the judge and smoked a J right in the cell. Officer Froggison even took a puff and said "Don't tell anybody". Jimi agreed and the judge was extra lenient the next day. Jimi was ordered to give guitar lessons to the young frogz of the Frogiverse, which he totally DID and some of those frogz went on to become some of the greatest guitarists of the 70's and 80's.

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