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Go With Keith

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Keith told Angie "Meet me at the docks in Bristol babe, I have a surprise for you.". When Angie arrived at the docks on her Harley Froggison motorcycle. There was a surprise indeed. As Angie stood on the docks waiting, she noticed a large motorised sailboat flying a Jolly Frogger flag approaching in the distance. As the ship edged closer to the dock, Angie heard a scream of "Ahoy..... matey!!!" She then saw a long haired scroungey looking fella with a trifold hat and an eyepatch behind the wheel. It was Keith! Angie helped Keith tie up the large sailboat to the docks when Keith instructed  rather coolly "Come aboard ma' lady" as he extended his hand. What an amazing day they had as they had picnics on islands and searched for treasure. Angie even took the wheel for a bit. Later that night, they partied and had a blast taking in the swinging psychedelic scene of Bristol, 1969. 

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