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Go With Mick

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Angie arrived to Mick's Froglish countryside estate on her Harley Froggison motorcycle at noon. Mick had told Angie the day before to show up at noon for lunch. When Angie arrived, she noticed that Mick's front door was wide open so she just let herself in. When she stepped into the living room she was completely shocked to find empty wine bottles everywhere and it looked like there had been some heavy partying going on. In the middle of the floor, there was a bunch of blankets laid out and Mick was naked and fast asleep with Bowie sleeping right next to him, also naked. Angie then silently slinked out the front door and chuckled to herself "Well... they must have had tons of fun last night." It was 1969, the Summer of Love..... and Angie saw that as her sign to give her good ol' buddy Keith a call to see what kind of adventures he might be up to! 

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