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Electric Lady

7 electric lady.jpeg

Number: 7

Soul Connection: Jimi

Peace Power: Electricity

Group: Stones

Electric Lady is good friends with Jimi, and has served somewhat of a spiritual advisor, mentor, and romantic interest all at the same time. Let's just say that she has an electric personality. Everyone that she touches receives electrical shocks that actually feel pretty great. At the occasion of the Frogerey Music Festival in 1969, Jimi needed a little pick me up. He asked Electric Lady, who was at the show, "Electric Lady, gimme a little shock before I hit the stage, I need a pick me up. Just a little one tho, not too intense". Electric Lady knew this was a big performance for Jimi's career, so she had a thought, if she gave him a little "extra", he might be extra lively for tonights show. Should Electric Lady give Jimi a little "extra"? Or just a "little one" per Jimi's instructions? 


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