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Leave It Alone

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Keith decided it was better to leave "Maybelline" alone in its guitar case. As Keith was mesmerised in the glow of Maybelline's cherry red finish, Chuck burst into the rehearsal room and said "Now Keith, don't be looking at my lady like that...." then he burst into a maniacal laughter and said "Alright, I don't usually do this, but you can give her a strum if you want." Keith was shocked, it was well known that Chuck didn't let ANYONE play Maybelline........anyone. Keith replied "Awe wow Chuck, thanks so much, always wanted to play this." When Keith started to play the opening lick to "Maybelline", he was shocked to hear Chuck's voice sing "Maybelline, why can't you be true?" And Chuck was playing rhythm on Keith's Tele! They ran through the whole 2 minutes 20 seconds of "Maybelline" as a duo, and it sounded fantastic. Keith was in heaven and he had made another dream a reality. 

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