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     Chill in the 60's

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Peacefrogz are from the 60's.  Dr. Skyfrog (the inventor of the time machine known as "The Lilypad") appeared via a hologram from the future and informed The Peacefrogz that he had gotten spaghettified and the frogz of the future had gotten pretty lame.


The Peacefrogz of the 60's were instructed by Skyfrog to travel to other decades like the 70's, 80's, and 90's to pick up some friends to get the 999 frogz needed to complete a mission. The mission was simple according to Skyfrog. This team of music stars, movie stars, and heroes needed to travel to 2022 to teach the frogz how to be cool again. The Peacefrogz of the 60's thought this over and it sounded like a bad idea.  Jimi, Janice, Jerry, and even the great Froggy Stardust himself "Bowie" met up at the Frogstock Music Festival in 1969 and unanimously decided that they would stay put in the 60's. Jerry famously stated "That Skyfrog is a dangerous and wacky cat. Who cares if the frogz are superlame? 2022's a long way from now and I live for the moment. And in this moment I'm feelin' pretty groovy. I just wanna dig this trip, smoke this J, and take this Frogstock crowd on a far out ride with my music. I say lets forget about Skyfrog, smoke up, drop these brown tabs, and make Frogstock the most far out party in frog history. You in?"  It was then that Janice, Jimi, and Bowie nodded their heads in universal agreement and proceeded to make music history.

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