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6 keith.jpeg

Number: 6

Soul Connection: Lady Jane

Peace Power: Tongue

Group: Stones

Keith is the guitar slinging supercool pirate genius of the Stones. Keith had a great opportunity coming up, he would get to play rhythm guitar with his all-time hero, Chuck.  As Keith was waiting in the rehearsal room to get ready for his set with Chuck for the film "Hail, Hail, Frog & Roll", he noticed Chuck's guitar was in its opened case in the corner. Chuck's guitar was his infamous Cherry Red Frogson Hollow Body named "Maybellene". He thought to himself, "Here's my chance. I can quickly strum an E-Chord on "Maybellene"! The guitar I obsessed over as a kid." The temptation was strong, but he also knew that if Chuck found out it would be bad. What to do.....what to do.....


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