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8 jimi.jpeg

Number: 8

Soul Connection: Electric Lady

Peace Power: Fire

Group: The Experience

Jimi is the legendary southpaw guitarist with such style its like he's from another dimension, the coolest dimension. Armed with his trusty Frogocaster guitar, Jimi got ready to make his mark on music history at the infamous "Frogerey Pop" festival. Pete from The Who was arguing with Jimi about who should play first. The idea was that Jimi had something BIG planned, VERY BIG and The Who were going to do their usual smashing of everything in site. The Who liked to go on first at large festivals like this because then they could shock the crowd and make their bang before anybody else could. The Who was an impossible act to follow and everybody knew it, especially them. Pete was very demanding and usually got what he wanted, being the more veteran band in the lineup. So Jimi had an idea, he said to Pete "Look, you guys can go before me and do your usual smashy sh*t, but when I get up there.... I'm gonna pull out ALL the stops." A stagehand had alerted Jimi earlier that there was a few quarter sticks of dynamite kicking around backstage from last years 4th of July party. Jimi needed to make his mark, and to do so he had 2 ideas in mind. Idea 1 was to blow up his guitar with 4 quarter sticks of dynamite tied together at the wick. Idea 2 was to simply light his guitar on fire using a small can of lighter fluid he found backstage. He had a decision.... Dynamite or Fire? 

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